Libri Project

The Libri Project was an art piece that I began before entering graduate school in the summer of 2016. I interviewed five different people about their bookshelves. To see these pieces as they originally appeared, please see the beginning blog for the project: HERE.

TLP is now a part of my ongoing thesis project for graduate school. I presented a proposal for the evolved project at the Southwestern Social Science Association’s Conference in Austin, TX in April 2017.

Interviews are listed by the original titles:

“Are You Going to Eat That (And Other Promising Anecdotes)” with David Benedetto
“A Compendium of Flightless Birds and Every Type of Smear” with Jerika Marchan


“Red” with Meagan Snedigar
“Let Them Eat Mac ‘N’ Cheese: My Life as an Artist, History Buff, and Cheese Enthusiast” with Zoe Robison
“It’s All About Me(me)” with Maria Tahir